Thursday, September 16, 2010

A angry ताऊ produxxtions ..... DAKURANI TALWARWALI .

A story of --> a geek ( 58% in BA ) , a godmother ( wannabe ) , a housewife ( clever than sonam kapoor ...only hairs are less ) , a local mafia ( pickpocketer #fail ) , an aspiring actress ( a failed model  ) and a child ( A twitteraddictchild  BADASS)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

5 Wishes / 5 Dreams / 5 Hopes .. Before 2012 [ KHALAAS ]

Tau ij back this time with a blog entry . Don't feel cheated to see this blog in english  tau got 99.7 %ile in CAT and he has to show off :P . So 5 dreams/wishes/hopes i want to see been colpleted before i Die ;)

1)  I want to open a publication house ( god's sake would never name it RUPA & co. #FO ) and want to invite Mr.Tiger Woods to write a Book  sequel to " KAMSUTRA " i.e  " TIGERSUTRA - 3.7 trillion sex positions to do IT in a better way " .The recent claim by a blind 74 year old srilankan lady was the 3453th claim that Mr. Tiger Woods has done THAT with her . So who else would be better option to be the writer of this book ;) 

P.S :- Swami Nityananda  ( 2349 claims )  was also under considration

2) I want to join some naxalite gang  .  Then i'll kidnap CHETAN BHAGAT  . Then in the ransom i'll ask for every single copy of his so far published books ( ever sold) to be sent to me . I'll burn all the books and would kill him eventually ;) *hi5* . Sponsored by CLEAN EARTH campaign ;) . Rest in peace CHETU :) . We hate you DIL SE :) 

3) I wish i can go back few years  in time . When parents of Mr. ARIDNAM CHAUDHARY were about to mate and would tell them " abhi news aya ha sex is ban in India .  Adopt a child . give him/her love :)  "  . In this way PAIN IN ASS could be avoided  hamre aur unke dono ke ;) . " IIPM ranked above IIM A.B,C and XLRI "   . " Free laptop to evry MBA student " . #bakwasbandkar 

4) I wish Sonam Kapoor , Ram gopal verma , Uday chopra , Rakhi sawant  plan a weekend in HAWAII but in the half way there Boeing gets crashed on a hotel in PHUKET where Justin Bieber , Lady Gaga and Paris Hilton were enjoying there holidays . Sabh khatam . Mitti . Earth - ( these 8 ) = HEAVEN  :) 
5) Now as Mr. Sachin Tendulkar  is appointed GROUP CAPTAIN in I.A.F now i want apna dharti ka lal RAVINDER JADEJA  to be atleast appointed a constable in Rajasthan police [ sada aapke piche ] . i know its a daunting task just like asking Veena malik to scrap off those 3 layers of makeup . The usual normal makeup or Expecting a tau to name few playboy divas for you . Common yar wo sabh ho sakta hai . Bas yar apna HERO Ravinder kuch ban jaye . Apna to full pyar hai uske sath ;)